In the event of an unfortunate loss of your jewelry, it is important to know that you are protected. Make sure your jewelry is fully and accurately appraised at Harry Beckman Inc.

Harry Beckman Inc. will describe your jewelry and estimate the value according to insurance company standards. Appraisals are completed promptly on-site to ensure protection of your prized possessions. We praise ourselves on our promptness and flexibility of delivering our appraisals back to our customer.


Harry Beckman Inc. repairs customer's jewelry right on the premise.  We repair gold, platinum and silver jewelry by our experienced craftsman. We also offer free estimates on all repairs.

Custom Jewelry:

If you do not find what you are looking for, our experienced craftsman will work with you to custom design a piece of jewelry. We can customize your jewelry to fit your personal needs. Our goal is to provide you with jewelry you love at prices that are even better. 

Throughout the process, our experienced jeweler will work with you. Harry Beckman Inc. will assist you at each stage of your jewelry design.